How to Craft Lockpicks in Chernobylite

As you explore the different levels in Chernobylite you will encounter many locked doors. Locked doors are only unlocked by using lockpicks. Lockpicks can be located during Zone runs, but you should secure a steady stream by crafting them. To learn more here’s how to craft lockpicks in Chernobylite.

Build an Industrial Grinder and Use It

Image showing the Industrial Grinder to make lockpicks in Chernobylite.
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To start crafting your own Lockpicks you need to acquire a special Buildable called the Industrial Grinder. This Buildable is located under Buildables > Igor’s Inventory > Crafting Tools. To build this Crafting Station you need to have 4x Mechanical Parts, 8x Electronical Parts, and 4x Flammable Parts.

Once you have the necessary resources you can build and use the new Crafting Station. Interacting with this station allows you to create Lockpicks on demand. The recipe for creating Lockpicks is 2x Mechanical Parts and 1x Chemicals. You can create as many of Lockpicks as you can carry so it is wise to stock up.

Many of the treasure caches full of valuable resources are behind the locked doors. If you have lockpicks on hand you can open these doors to get at their contents. If you wish to see what doors are pickable the map is very useful for this. There are lockpick icons on the map to show locked doors you’ve encountered.

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