How to Craft in Outriders

Loot is a core tenant in Outriders both through collecting and upgrading weapons and armor you find. Items you find that you wish to keep and improve can be done so through the game’s crafting mechanic. This mechanic allows you to improve rarity, raise attributes, mod gear, and even level up pieces. If you wish to learn more about this system you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to craft in Outriders in our guide below.

Crafting in Outriders

To start crafting in Outriders you first need to advance the main story until you meet a character named Scientist Zahedi. You meet this character in the First City story mission. Once this mission is complete you unlock the ability to craft through Zahedi at the various camps throughout the game. Simply approach Zahedi and speak to him then select the “I need to upgrade my gear.” conversation option. This will open up the crafting screen. On the crafting screen you can do the following:

  • Improve Rarity: Improve the rarity of a gear piece.
  • Raise Attributes: Raise the attributes of a selected piece of gear.
  • Mod Gear: Change a mode for another one. Only one slot can be modded.
  • Swap Variant: Change a weapon’s variant for another one.
  • Level Up: Raise the level of an item to increase its primary parameter.

Each piece you place into the center of the screen will show you what Crafting Options are currently available for it. The different options require different gear inputs and also resources.. You can get both gear and resources by simply playing the game. The more of both you have the more crafting you can do in-game. Be sure to check out more of our Outriders guides.

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