How to Claim World Tier Rewards in Outriders

While playing Outriders you will earn xp that will increase the difficulty of the world you are playing in. This world tier system can be levelled up to earn rewards. Getting the rewards for yourself is a bit confusing so we are here to help. See how to claim world tier rewards in Outriders below.

Outriders World Tier Rewards

Image showing How to Claim World Tier Rewards in Outriders.
Featured image showing How to Claim World Tier Rewards in Outriders.

To claim world tier rewards you will need to level up your world tier so it increases to the next tier. Once you’ve done this you will unlock the reward for completing that previous world tier. This levelling is done by defeating enemies, completing main and side quests, and playing the game in-general. Once you do hit the next tier you will want to snag the rewards from the previous tier. To claim the world tier rewards do the following:

  1. Open Game Menu.
  2. Select world tier.
  3. Hover over world tier that has reward unlocked.
  4. Hold claim reward button.

Upon claiming your world tier rewards you will have them added to your inventory. Resources will be added to your stacks and weapons and armor are added under their respective location. Navigate to your inventory to see what items you received and equip them if you wish.

That’s all you need to know to claim the world tier rewards you unlock while playing Outriders. You will want to grab these rewards whenever they are available to you. Be sure to check the world tier screen each time you level up the world tier.

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