How to Claim Twitch Dying Light 2 Drops

To celebrate the launch of Dying Light 2 Techland is giving players that watch livestreams on Twitch a few goodies. These goodies are in-game items including an axe, mask, and machete. If you want to grab these rewards for yourself the guide below will help. Below I walk your through how to claim Twitch Dying Light 2 drops.

Things To Have Done Before Continuing

  • Twitch account.
  • TechlandGG account.
  • Link Twitch and TechlandGG accounts.
  • Link TechlandGG and game platform.
  • Own Dying Light 2.

Watch Twitch Streamers that Have Drops Enabled the Claim Drops

Image showing the Twitch Drops page for Dying Light 2.
Where to claim Twitch Drop.

To start you need to watch Twitch streamers that have drops enabled. This means going to the Dying Light 2 directory and selecting the drops enabled tag. Watch whatever of the streamers you want from this pool. To unlock the three available drops you need to watch streams for the following amount of time:

  1. The Extinguisher (60 minutes).
  2. Timeout (120 minutes total).
  3. Protective Mask (180 minutes total).

Each time you reach a milestone for time watched you will receive a notification that you received a drop. To claim the drop navigate to the Twitch Drop page and claim the items you’ve earned.

Collect Items in Game from the Stash

Once you’ve claimed the item from Twitch the final step is to grab the items in-game. Make your way inside the game and advance through the tutorial until you gain access to the player’s Stash. In the player’s Stash navigate to the extra’s tab. On this page you will find the additional items you’ve unlocked including Twitch drops.

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