How to Change Armor in Anthem

In Anthem there are a number of different customizations you can make to your Javelin to give it more character. Things like Paints, Vinyls, and Animations can all be customized. Although these customizations are good, the most impactul visually is Armor. This guide will show you how to change armor in Anthem.

You Can Equip Javelin Armor at the Forge

How to Change Armor in Anthem
You can change your armor at the Forge.

Like all customizations you can make to your Javelin, you need to use the Forge in order to equip new armor. Make your way to the Forge and select the Appearance tab. On this tab you will see a number of customization options. To change out your armor to something that looks more unique you need to equip new pieces in the following slots:

  • Helmet.
  • Torso.
  • Arms.
  • Legs.

All four armor categories can be changed by selecting each one individually on the Appearance screen. For now there aren’t a ton of armor options, but you can unlock a few new armor sets as well as pick up the sets on sale at Prospero’s store.

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