How to Change Armor Color in Monster Hunter World

If you’ve been playing Monster Hunter: World lately, you’ve probably noticed there’s a lack of customization options for your armor. When everyone gets the Pukei Set, they more or less look the same. As you venture deeper into the game, this uniformity changes as you can begin to color your armor. Below this guide will show you how to change armor color in Monster Hunter: World.

Reach High Rank Gear

Image of High Rank Expeditions tutorial screen

To color your armor, you need to first reach High Rank.

To be able to color armor pieces, you need to have access to Rarity 5+ items at the Smithy. This should occur for you upon completion of the final story mission, A Colossal Task. Once this is mission is complete, you will be asked to take an expedition to Wildspire Waste where you hunt a Pukei-Pukei that is stronger than other monsters. This is because you are now in the High Rank mode (basically = harder enemies + better loot). With this loot comes access to better equipment to forge.

Forge a Rarity 5 Item or Items

Image of High Rank gear set in Monster Hunter World

The Zorah Set is one example of High Rank gear.

To start pimping out your armor, you need to have at least one piece of Rarity 5+ armor in your possession. This piece will be able to be colored! Grab a piece and head to the  Item Box in Your Room.

Change Color of Armor

At the Your Room Item Box, you will be presented with a menu. On this menu at the bottom is a Change Appearance tab, push it to reveal a sub menu with three options. Select the Change Armor Pigment option from this menu. On the next screen you will be able to select the location of the armor piece you wish to color and the color you want. Choose whatever color you like and hit Confirm then hit Finish to finalize color.

That’s all there is to it! Coloring your armor in Monster Hunter: World is easy enough, but takes a bit of time to get to the point where you can actually do it. Get out there and start making that unique looking hunter.

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