How to Change Appearance in Outriders

In Outriders you start the game by creating your character. Once this character is created you will playthrough a tutorial before reaching the first hub area. If you wish to change your characters appearance at anytime in the game you can. This altering of appearance can be done by interacting with a specific location in the hub. To help you learn more see how to change appearance in Outriders below.

Change Character Appearance in Outriders

To change how your character looks in Outriders after creating them initially you need to advance the game’s story past the tutorial. Once you do this you will reach the first location called Rift Town. In Rift Town there is a central Camp area. In this Camp area you will find a number of services including an area you can interact with to change your appearance. This appearance changing station can be found near the Fast Travel and Cooperative flags. Interact with the crates when prompted to access the appearance screen. On this screen you can change the following:

  • Face.
  • Hair.
  • Markings.

If you aren’t happy with your looks using this location will allow you to change your character’s look. This means you can change the appearance whenever you wish after starting the game. If you aren’t happy with how your character came out at the start be sure to make a change. For more help with Outriders check out our other guides on the site.

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