How to Change Appearance in Elden Ring

Traditionally in FromSoftware developed games players are stuck with the way they character looks after making them at the start of the game. Thankfully Elden Ring now changes this tradition by allowing players to make changes in the game. To learn more here’s how to change appearance in Elden Ring.

Where to Change Appearance in Elden Ring

Image showing the Clouded Mirror Stand in Elden Ring.

Before you can change your character’s looks in Elden Ring you need to advance the game’s story until Melina takes you to a location called the Roundtable Hold. This location serves as the game’s hub world. Like other hubs in the soulsborne games this location features a cast of characters to speak to and special services you can use. One service is the Clouded Mirror Stand. This stand allows you to change your appearance like you did at the start of the game.

To find the stand head up the stairs to the left of the fireplace in the roundtable room. Go forward and enter the first door on your right to access a room. Inside this room you will find a mirror in the corner. This mirror is the Clouded Mirror Stand. Interact with the stand and select Apply Cosmetics to open the customization options again.

That’s all you need to know to change your look at any point in Elden Ring. You can return to the mirror whenever you’d like, so get wild with it.

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