How to Buy Land in Forager

When you begin to play Forager you are stuck on a small island. In order to advance, you need to buy surrounding land. Below I will show you how to buy land in Forager.

Buying Land in Forager

Buying Land in Forager

At the start of Forager you will spawn on a small island. On this island there is some materials, but not much else. To advance the game and its story, you need to purchase surrounding lands. To do this you need coins. Coins come from a couple of places (like leveling up Economy in the skills), but the easiest way is turning Gold Ingot into Coins using a Forge. You need at least 30 – 80 Coins to buy your first parcel of land.

Buying Land in Forager

Once you have the coins, hit escape and select the Buy Lands tab. From this tab you will see all available land you can buy (surrounding your island). Once you’ve bought a single piece of land, more will become available at higher prices. That’s all there is to buying land in Forager.

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