How to Access Watch Dogs Legion DLC Items

The third title in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series is out now. This new title takes players to near future London where they must battle an oppressive private military and powerful crime syndicate. Before getting into the meat of the game there are a number of DLC items players can access depending on the edition they purchased. To learn more read our how to access Watch Dogs Legion DLC items guide below.

Important: Ensure you are connected to the internet to access all of the items listed below. If you are not they will not appear for you.

Where to Find Golden King Pack (Pre-Order Bonus)

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The first collection of DLC items is available to all players that pre-ordered any edition of the game. Dubbed the Golden King Pack this collection of three items revolves around gold. The three items you get from pre-ordering can be accessed the following ways:

  • Lux Car Skin: Accessible by advancing the game until you unlock the ability the customize cars.
  • Uneasy Lies Mask Skin: Accessible during the Restart DedSec mission when you gain access to the DeadSec vending machine.
  • Serpent Sisters Gun Skin: Accessible by advancing the game until you unlock the ability the customize guns.

All of the above listed items can be yours up until November 19, 2020 when the pre-order offer ends. After this time these items will not be granted when you purchase the game.

Where to Find the Urban Jungle Pack (Ultimate Edition)

Unfortunately for many the only other pieces of DLC items can be found in the Ultimate Edition of Watch Dogs Legion. This more expensive edition of the game comes with a special Ultimate Pack. This pack features a collection of 3 heroes and 3 masks dubbed the Urban Jungle Pack. The Ultimate Pack can be accessed as follows:

  • Heroes: Added to your team after completing the boxing tutorial during the Restart DeadSec mission.
    • Gabriel Isa – Tattoo Artist.
    • Harriet Park – Cosplayer.
    • Joeri Martens – Veteran.
  • 3 Masks: Unlocked alongside the heroes above.

All of the items listed above are part of buying Ultimate Edition of Watch Dogs Legion. This edition will cost you an extra bit of cash, but features the above mentioned items along with access to the game’s season pass.

How to Access the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass Content

Besides the above listed items the only other added bonus from the Gold and Ultimate editions of Watch Dogs Legion is access to the game’s Season Pass. Currently there is no content from the Season Pass that is active. With that said the Season Pass is supposed to add unique missions, masks, and exclusive car skins when it becomes active. Check back later when the Season Pass content is activated and I will update this page with guides accordingly.

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