How to Access Outriders Pre-Order Bonuses

The Outriders game from People Can Fly features a number of pre-order bonuses for players that picked up the game early. These pre-order bonuses include a mix of cosmetic items, weapons, and special gear sets. If you picked up the game early and got the Hell’s Rangers content pack, this guide is for you. Learn how to access Outriders pre-order bonuses below.

Important: Ensure you have the Hell Ranger’s DLC pack installed on console/PC.

Where to Find the Hell’s Rangers Pre-Order Items

Image showing the Outriders DLC skins.
Image via Square Enix/People Can Fly.

To receive the various Hell’s Rangers items in Outriders you need to put in a good bit of time. The pre-order items become available for you at character Level 10. This is about 3 hours of gameplay. Once you reach this level you will find a number of Hell’s Rangers items available in your Stash box inside your camp. The items you should receive are as follows:

  • Male and Female armor sets.
  • 11 Weapons.
  • Truck mods and decals.

Once you’ve acquired the pre-order items you can equipped them in your inventory and on the vehicle customization screen. The skins, weapons, and armor are all fairly decent starting pieces to use during the beginning of the game.

That’s all you need to know about the different DLC pre-order items in Outriders. If you need any help finding these items drop a comment below. Also check out our Outriders guide hub page for links to a variety of guides we’ve made for this looter-shooter.

Thoughts on our how to access Outriders pre-order bonuses guide? Drop them in The Pit below.


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21 responses

  1. Richard Morrison says:

    I got nothing. I’m halfway between lvl 10 and 11. I’ve checked my camp stash multiple times. Restarted the game, rebooted the pc. Even checked the stash back at base. Nothing. Zero items from the pre order

  2. Travis says:

    Soo I’m level ten logged out back in checked my stash and still has a locked symbol on stash where the message symbol should be?? Any idea why?

  3. Brandon Earl Jackson says:

    I’m lol 21 and I had my truck stuff and my banner now its gone never got the guns or outfit tho

  4. Eric says:

    Close the game. 100% close it from the dashboard after you hit 10. Then reload and the inbox option will appear

  5. A.b says:

    I had the gear yesterday and now its gone. Only the truck stuff is left

    • Chris says:

      Same here restarted game but still no weapons nor armor. I only have truck parts. Once I was level 9 I could see it in my stash but now I’m level 11 it says it’s locked an I can’t use it. Why is this happening ?

  6. Cajunmom says:

    Only thing I have is for vehicle
    Nothing in stash no outfits no guns nothing.

    • Anthony says:

      Once you hit level 10; log out and log back on and check the stash box!

      • Cajunmom says:

        Thank you 😊 That was it 😁

      • Cleo says:

        Is it worth purchasing for the 6.29? I have GamePass and it’s not included

        • DragonKingZul says:

          It is and it isn’t. The guns are nice to look at the skills are nice, the armor is okay looking but you can find much better styles in game. The Car skins are okay. Mainly the bumpers and the wheels. Over all for 6$ its not a waste to get the items but it also isn’t going to break the game either. Which is a nice change. The only issue is they are locked behind lvl 10, after which you will typically have better items over all. But you can upgrade them so it depends on if you want to invest twice in the items once for 6$ and again game to make them worthwhile.

  7. Supaman253 says:

    Same here… nothing

  8. JL says:

    That video I posted shows you where to go but, to make a long story short, hit up the stash box and there is a tab labeled INBOX at the top of screen access it by hitting R1 or L1 but your gear and weapons you get can’t be used until level 10

  9. JL says:

    I got a pop up message about my hell riders pack, found my Truck mods but not my gear or weapons

  10. Zachary says:

    Don’t have my weapons but have the vehicle customization items. At level 11 and nothing in stash.

  11. vZOMv says:

    Mines not popping up at all

  12. Brett says:

    Im level 10 and my hell riders pack locked in my stash

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