How to Access GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Update

The summer 2021 update for GTA Online was the Los Santos Tuners update. This update adds the car culture scene to the game through new vehicles, new social spaces, new races, and more. To help you get started here’s how to access GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update.

Download and Install the Summer Update

Before you can gain access to the new content found in the Los Santos Tuners update you need to download and install the update. This update is live on all platforms and ranges from 3.5-5 GB. Download and install the update to add the new content to your game. Once this is complete head onto the next step below.

Visit the LS Car Meet

GTA Online LS Car Meet map location.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

In-game you will receive a message detailing the LS Car Meet. The new location is in Cypress Flats. The car meet spot will be marked on your map as shown above. To get started in the new DLC make your way to the location and enter the warehouse to trigger a cutscene where you meet new NPCs. After this cutscene you can do the following:

Pursuing both of the above mentioned avenues will begin your journey through the new update content. If you wish to experience everything be sure to buy both. This will set you back a bit of cash, but will allow you to see everything in the update.

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