How to Access Far Cry New Dawn Preorder Trike

Far Cry New Dawn is the newest installment in the Far Cry series. In this new game, players are taken back to Hope County, only this time the world has suffered from a nuclear explosion. If, like me, you preordered the title, you are owed a preorder Trike. Below I will show you how to access Far Cry New Dawn preorder Trike.

Install Far Cry New Dawn Preorder Trike

Install the Preorder Trike in Far Cry New Dawn
Before you can access your preorder bonus, you need to make sure you have it installed on your system.

Before you do anything, you first need to make sure you have the Preorder Trike installed on you system of choice. The item itself is considered an add-on on PS4, and it displays the screen above when installed. Regardless of console, you need to have the Preorder Trike installed to access it.

Playthrough the Opening of Far Cry New Dawn

Once you have the Preorder Trike installed, enter the game and start playing. When you take control of your character you will see a pop up which basically mentions that you’ve unlocked the Preorder Trike and you can access via any Garage in game.

Before you can access to a Garage you need to complete the opening of Far Cry New Dawn. The opening mainly involves reaching Prosperity in Hope County. Once at Prosperity you will gain access to a Garage. At the Garage you will find your Preorder Trike (AKA Unicorn Trike). To spawn the Trike you need to leave Prosperity and find a Garage in the open world.

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  1. Evan says:

    Stupidest preorder ever. Redeemed code. Downloaded dlc. Doesn’t work in game. Nothing activates. No help anywhere.

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