How to Access DLC Items in Anthem

Bioware’s long await Ironmanesque looter-shooter is finally out for players everywhere. If you preordered the game, you are owed a few nice items. This guide will show you how to access DLC items in Anthem.

How to Activate your DLC items

How to Activate your DLC items
All your items are in Prospero’s shop. You need to activate them to use.

Before you can use your pre-order bonuses, you need to first complete a few things. Follow the instructions below to activate your DLC items.

  • Play you way to Fort Tarsis (by completing the tutorial missions including the expedition).
  • Speak with Prospero at Fort Tarsis.
  • Complete Prospero’s mission.
  • Access the Featured Store and select the Rewards tab. Activate all your rewards.

How to Equip the Cosmetic Pre-Order Items (Banner & Vinyls)

How to Equip the Cosmetic Pre-Order Items (Banner & Vinyls) (2)
Access the Forge to equip your Vinyl.

If you preordered Anthem you are owed a number of cosmetic items like the Founders Player Banner and a few vinyls. To equip these items, follow the steps above then make your way to the Forge. To equip Vinyls simply access the appearance tab and select Vinyls.

How to Equip the Cosmetic Pre-Order Items (Banner & Vinyls)
You can change your banner from the squad page before an expedition.

To equip the Banner, go to start an expedition and select the squad option that appears before the mission start. Highlight your name and press the corresponding button to Modify Banner.

How to Equip the Legion of Dawn Armor Set

How to Equip the Legion of Dawn Armo
You can equip the armor set at the forge.

If you preordered Anthem (or purchased the Legion of Dawn edition) you will receive Legion of Dawn armor. This armor set is available for the Ranger if you preordered the standard edition and for all Javelins if you purchased the Legion of Dawn edition. To equip you armor pieces, follow the same steps as the Vinyl only select Helmet, Torso, Arms or Legs to equip each piece.

How to Equip Legendary Weapon

How to Equip Legendary Weapon
The Legendary Weapon can be found under the Loadouts > Weapons tab.

The Legendary Weapons you receive is available in your vault or via the Loadout tab in the Forge. You can equip it right away to enjoy that sweet Legendary life.

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Did we clearly show you how to Access DLC Items in Anthem? Let us know in The Pit below.


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  1. Anon says:

    Got anthem (PC) from nvidia gpu and redeemed code and preloaded 2 weeks before 22nd and no rewards.

  2. vivous says:

    I was able to edit what banner I have but are they all the founder’s banner or is it one of them specifically?

  3. Sam says:

    Went on origin and redeemed code, did these missions and I can’t access the reward tab. I’m on ps4

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