How To Access Destiny 2 DLC Items on PC

After waiting a month, Destiny 2 is finally out on PC. If like me, you irrationally preordered the game back in September, you are entitled to some pre order bonuses. Items like the Coldheart exotic trace rifle, the Kill-Tracker Ghost, the special edition bonus legendary sword, and emblems and emotes are all items you may have access to for pre-ordering. So where do you grab these goodies? I’m glad you asked. Here is how to access Destiny 2 DLC items.

Emblems and Emotes

Emblems and emotes are the first DLC items you will be able to collect in Destiny 2. In order to grab these DLC items, you need to make your way to The Farm social space. Head to the Vault Terminal in the center of the area. Here you will be able to collect the legendary Salute emote (if you pre-ordered) and the Cabal themed emblem (if you purchased the limited edition of Destiny 2).

Weapons + Ghost

How To Access Destiny 2 DLC Items

Unfortunately the pre-order weapons are not available until the end of the Destiny 2 campaign. DLC items such as the Coldheart exotic trace rifle and the Kill-Tracker Ghost can be picked up once you’ve completed the Destiny 2 story and have reached character level 20. Once these conditions are met, the pre-order items will be waiting for you to collect from the Gunsmith.

There you have it. A quick guide on how to access the various pre-order bonus items in Destiny 2. It’s somewhat strange to see many of the items being locked behind a large playwall, but I can understand Bungie’s attempt to make them more meaningful as end game content. With that being said, I want these items now!

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