How to Access Call of Duty WWII DLC

Activision’s newest Call of Duty iteration has finally released, and it’s taking players back to WWII. Like every Call of Duty before, Call of Duty WWII features a number of DLC items for players who preordered the game. These preorders range from weapon skins in zombies mode to multiplayer upgrades that will give your soldier a leg up on the competition. Below you will find how to access Call of Duty WWII dlc.

This guide is mainly for the core DLC. Check out this Activision post for further resources.

1,100 PTs, Divisions Pack, MP Upgrade, and Zombies Skin

All the pre-order bonuses in Call of Duty WWII are gathered from the Headquarter’s Post in the HQ. The HQ is accessible after playing through one match of multiplayer. Once this is done load into the HQ and head to the Headquarter’s Post to gather all of your pre-order loot (Destiny much?). Once your loot is collected, you will have access to a new camo in Zombies, a bonus xp boost, and the Division Pack.

Note: The 1,100 COD Points bonus will be delivered on November 14th as per this Activision post

Pathfinder Pack


Anyone that logs into the Multiplayer between November 3 and November 17 will be given the Pathfinder Pack. This pack is available to collect from the Mail vendor after completing the requirements. In the Pathfinder Pack you receive:

  • Helmet and Calling Card
  • 3x Supply Drops
  • 25% bonus Weapon XP for 20 minutes
  • 25% bonus Division XP for 20 minutes

Equipping the Zombies “Geistkraft” Camo

To equip the Zombies Camo, receive the package from the mailman and then boot up the Zombies mode. Access the loadout menu and select the gun you wish to put the camo on. Press the personalized button and then select camo > Geistkraft. Enjoy “the resonance of a mysterious energy” on your weapon.

This concludes our how to access Call of Duty WWII DLC guide. Leave your comments in The Pit below.


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  1. rOB says:

    My zombie camo is stuck in my inbox. Totally unusable or clickable. Someone told me it only becomes accessible after level 5 in zombies so I leveled up to 5 and it still is stuck in my mailbox.

  2. Jeff says:

    I can’t even select anything to get to my mail or see major Howard or the theater on Xbox one

  3. Isaac says:

    I redeemed my codes for divisions pack and the camo, it was in the post I picked it up and it’s no where to be seen in game! What happened?

  4. George says:

    Mines actualy stuck in HQ mail box wont let me accept it must have press and held a in a few thousand time least it only the divisons pack f+++k U activison

  5. Robert says:

    Same here I played multiplayer match collected my mail and nothing was there

  6. Mando says:

    I need help o got to mail and it’s not there plz help

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