How to Access Bloodborne Unreleased Content

Over the holidays I was in a position to finally acquire a PlayStation 4, and the first title I purchased was Bloodborne. Being a From Software superfan, I was happy to finally be able to complete a playthrough of every Soulsborne game. While reading up on Bloodborne, I noticed that there has been a bit of a revelation over the holidays regarding unreleased content in Bloodborne. a YouTuber named Zullie the Witch datamined and discovered a number of Glyphs that gave players access to unreleased content in certain Chalice Dungeons. Want to do this? Here’s how to access Bloodborne unreleased content.

Back Up Your Save File

Bloodborne unreleased content

Due to the unfinished nature of most of the content you will be accessing, it is prudent to back up your save data. If you need to know how to do this, use our guide we’ve put together. If you know how to do this already, make a copy of your save and continue below. If you do not make a copy and lose your file, that’s your own fault (you’ve been warned).

Head to An Empty Ritual Altar in Hunter’s Dream

Load Bloodborne and make your way to Hunter’s Dream. Head to an Empty Ritual Altar and bring up the Search. Enter one of the following Glyphs to access unreleased content:

“arkhv2vs” – Great One Beast


“sikgc3sm” – Moon Presence Variant


“m2vgwtjf” – Mergo’s Wet Nurse

That’s all for the unreleased content that has been discovered in Bloodborne. If you want to see a full video of all the bosses, check out the Fextra Life video which shows all of the cut content bosses.


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