Horizon Forbidden West State of Play Rundown

A major title that is slated to release exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation is Horizon Forbidden West. This title is a follow up the the very successful Horizon Zero Dawn that was released back in 2017. Sony, who has been teasing the title for a bit now, has revealed 14 minutes of gameplay in their May 27th State of Play. To learn about everything shown during this live stream we put together a brief Horizon Forbidden West State of Play Rundown below.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Footage Revealed

Before the livestream began Sony turned on the Official PlayStation channel 5 hours early to hold a countdown. This countdown consisted of cutting between cameras that showed off different parts of the new environment to explore when the game releases. After the countdown ended the livestream started.

The livestream began with an overview from the lead director on the game. The director introduced the 14 minutes of gameplay which was captured on PS5. The gameplay shown was a mix of in-game and cinematic. Some of the highlights from the gameplay shown were a chase sequence featuring raptor-like machines, an underwater section, a camp combat sequence that featured a new super move, a futuristic glider and hookshot, mount riding, and a crazy elephant mech boss battle.

After the gameplay reveal ended we got some more information on the story. The main story of the game revolves around a strange red light that is decimating the lands. Aloy is the only one able to defeat this new threat with the help of others. The story takes place in the American West with the ruins of San Francisco featured during the reveal.

Unfortunately there was no release date revealed at this time, but “development is on track” according to a blog post put out by Ben McCaw, Narrative Director for Guerilla Games.

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