Ho-Oh Added to Pokemon Go After Successful Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge

I wrote a bit earlier about the Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge that has now come to a close. The Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge tasked players with catching 3 billion Pokemon in the span of a week, which the community was able to. Seeing as the event was quite the success, Niantic has revealed that the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh has been added to Pokemon Go for a limited time.

Starting today, Ho-Oh will begin to appear in gyms and will be available in raid battles until December 12. This announcement was made on the official Pokemon Go site. Ho-Oh is a Fire/Flying type Legendary Pokemon that was first introduced in Generation II. This legendary bird appeared on both the box art of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon HeartGold.

The release of this Legendary Pokemon follows a slew of a number of previously released Legendary Pokemon including Articuno, Entei, Lugia, Mewtwo, Moltres, Raikou, and Suicine.

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