Hilidream Camp Recipes List for Genshin Impact Web Event

There is an online event running in Genshin Impact players can complete to earn a variety of rewards including Primogems and furnishings for the upcoming housing update. This special online event is called Hilidream Camp and as the name suggests you are tasked with setting up a camp. To setup this camp you will need to create a variety of recipes. These recipes create different items you can use to camp. To help you complete this event we’ve put together a quick Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp recipes list. Check it out below.

All Hilidream Camp Recipes for Genshin Impact

To start this special web event you need to ensure you are over Adventure Rank 10. If you are over the required AR and are on Mobile, PC, and Xbox head to the Hilidream Camp webpage and login to your account. PlayStation can access the event through the in-game message system by scanning a QR code you receive from Pailmon. Complete the story sequence with the teapot to start crafting. The recipes you can make are as follows:

  1. Wood + Bucket + Bowl = Bed.
  2. Wood + Bucket + Straw = Escape Ladder.
  3. Wood + Bowl + Straw = Mounted Mask.
  4. Bucket + Bowl + Straw = Fireplace.
  5. Wood + Wood + Bucket = Cabinet.
  6. Wood + Wood + Bowl = Stone Table.
  7. Wood + Wood + Straw = Screen.
  8. Bowl + Bowl + Wood = Stone Seat.
  9. Bowl + Bowl + Bucket = Lampgrass Lamp.
  10. Bowl + Bowl + Straw = Rug.
  11. Bucket + Bucket + Wood = Elemental Decoration.
  12. Bucket + Bucket + Bowl = Lantern Decoration.
  13. Bucket + Bucket + Straw = Mini Pyrovine.
  14. Straw + Straw + Wood = Cooking Pot.
  15. Straw + Straw + Bucket = Unusual Hilichurl Portrait.

To create the recipes listed above place the items in the order specified then push the craft button. To craft the item takes 1 minute. Once the item is made you get a reward and the item you crafted. The crafted item is placed on the webpage if you feel like making the place look nice.

Each day you log into the website you should make a different recipe listed above. This will ensure you claim all available rewards from this event. There isn’t much you need to do to get every reward besides logging into the game and the web portal each day. This event is an easy way to gain some Mora, Primogems, and fruniture items for the next update.

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