Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon Collectibles Guide

The first mission in Halo Infinite is called Warship Gbraakon. This mission tasks Master Chief with with deactivating the onboard Stasis Beam. During this mission there are collectibles players can find. The Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon collectibles guide below will help you find all collectibles in this mission.

Warship Gbraakon Collectibles List

  • 2x UNSC/Spartan Audio Logs.
  • 1x Banished Audio Logs.
  • 1x Skull.

All of the above listed collectibles can be found by exploring different sections of the mission. The order they are listed below is how in the chronological order you find them on the mission. Be sure to use your scan ability to highlight collectibles and other objects to make your life easier.

UNSC Audio Log #1: The Plan (Recovered Files)

The first audio log you will receive as part of the main story. You do not have to do anything to get it. The audio log is titled The Plan by Catherine Elizabeth Halsey. You receive it during the starting cutscene of the level.

Spartan Audio Log #1: Infinity Down (Evacuation)

Image showing the location of the Spartan Audio Log #1 in Warship Gbraakon.

After you ride the first elevator in the level you will find the Spartan Audio Log #1: Infinity Down in the room you enter. It is leaning next to a crate in the middle of the room on the floor. Pick it up to unlock the achievement called Infinity Down.

Where is the Warship Gbraakon Skull Located?

To find the skull make your way through the level until you reach the room that has moving containers on the right wall. Head up to the second level and get on the second moving container that has another container stuck beside it. Ride the container up and step off it to reach a ledge with Skull #1 on it. Pick up the Skull to collect it. Picking up your first Skull unlocks the Headstrong achievement.

Skull #1 is Boom. This Skull causes the explosion radius to be doubled when it is activated. This makes explosions more deadly for you and your enemies.

Banished Audio Log #1: Loss (Escharum’s Testimony)

Make your way forward through the level until you reach the bridge where you need to deactivate the Stasis Beam. While facing the switch head to the room on the right. In this room you will find the Banished Audio Log #1: Loss leaning against the wall. Pick it up to unlock the Two Sides to Every Store achievement.

That’s all of the collectibles available for players to find in the Halo Infinite Warship Gbraakon level. The next level to complete is Foundation. It contains more collectibles to find.

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