Halo Infinite Shop Inventory and Deals

Microsoft has gone a different route with Halo Infinite opting to make the game free-to-play for anyone that is interested. Do to the free-to-play nature of this arena shooter players can now buy a wide variety of items from the game’s shop. To help you keep up with what’s for sale in the shop the page below features the current Halo Infinite shop inventory and deals for multiplayer cosmetics.

What’s for Sale in the Halo Infinite Shop Today?

The Halo Infinite shop can be accessed in-game by visiting shop tab on the main menu. Simply tap RB until you reach the page to access the store. To purchase items in the shop you need to use the in-game currency called Credits which can be purchased using real-world money.

The shop itself features a wide variety of items for sale. These sales refresh daily on Tuesday at 10 AM PST. The items for sale range from weekly to Daily. Daily items update on the daily so there is always a fresh item for you to purchase if you wish.

Daily Bundle (March 3)

NameContentCost (In Credits)
Acid Burn– Weapon Coating.300

Weekly Bundles (March 3-10)

NameContentCost (In Credits)
Hazop Armor Set– Tasman Hunter.
– Hazop.
– MK55 CBRN.
– Murk.
– UA/TSA Prototype.
– To the Front.
Flash Fjord– Flash Fjord.
– Flash Fjord.
– Cowcatcher.
– Flash Fjord.
Tank Rank– Mine Shaft.
– Tank Rank.
– Kabuto.
Boost and Swap Pack– XP Boost.
– Challenge Swap.

As mentioned above the store’s content changes each day at 10 AM PST. At this time the store’s content refreshes. This refresh adds new daily and weekly items for purchase. The tables above will be updated during the refresh to highlight the new items available. You can also follow Hold To Reset’s Twitter for daily posts as well.

Thoughts on our Halo Infinite shop inventory and deals guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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