Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Collectibles Guide

In Halo Infinite the Ransom Keep location is an Outpost players can complete. This Outpost is operated by Banished-loyal Sanghelli warriors. While you are completing this Outpost there are a few collectibles you can grab. To help you get them all use our Halo Infinite Ransom Keep collectibles guide below.

Ransom Keep Collectibles List

  • 2x Banished Audio Logs.
  • 1x Spartan Core.
  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs.

Everything mentioned above can be found in or around this Outpost. While you are searching the area be sure to use your scanning ability to highlight the collectibles listed above.

Banished Audio Log #10: The Dream of Atriox (Outpost Intel)

Image showing the location of the Banished Audio Log #10 in the Ransom Keep Outpost.

You can find this Audio Log in the middle of the Outpost leaning against a rack holding tank parts. The map location shown above is exactly where the log is located.

Banished Audio Log #9: Unnatural Defenses (Outpost Intel)

Image showing the location of the Banished Audio Log in the Ransom Keep outpost.

This Audio Log collectible is located inside the second Repair Bay you need to sabotage. It is leaning against the wall in the west room outside the energy gate.

Spartan Core

Image showing the Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Spartan Core map location.

If you claim the nearby Golf FOB you will have this collectible marked on your map. It is located slightly south of the Outpost. There is a weapon cache here with the Spartan Core box in it.

UNSC Audio Log #9: To Andrew Valleros (Outpost Intel)

Near where you found the Spartan Core there is a path you can follow that leads to a dead end. At the end of this dead end there is a crashed Warthog. In the Warthog tire there is the Audio Log #9.

UNSC Audio Log #10: Making Ends Meet (Outpost Intel)

West of where you found the last Audio Log head up onto the cliffside. Here you will find a sniper spot where there are some weapons and the Audio Log #10. Grab it to get the Making Ends Meet message.

This is all the available collectibles you can find in the Ransom Keep Outpost. This Outpost is part of the much larger Recovery mission players must complete to advance the main tory. If you want to 100% the area you need to grab these collectibles listed above.

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