Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius Collectibles Guide

The third level in Halo Infinite is called Outpost Tremonius. This level begins right after you complete Foundation and emerge onto the surface. To complete this mission Master Chief needs to clear the outpost of enemies to meet a pilot. While he is doing that there are a few collectibles that can be found along the way. Use our Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles guide below for help in finding them all.

Outpost Tremonius Collectibles List

  • 3x Spartan Cores.
  • 1x Banished Audio Log.
  • 1x Mjolnir Locker.

All of the above listed collectibles can be found by exploring different sections of the mission. The order they are listed below is how in the chronological order you find them on the mission. Be sure to use your scan ability to highlight collectibles and other objects to make your life easier.

Spartan Core #1

Image showing the location of the first Spartan Core in Outpost Tremonius.

The first Spartan Core can’t really be missed. As you leave the building to reach the surface you will find it on the right hand side. You have to pick it up to advance the story as the game uses it to teach you about upgrading Master Chief’s abilities.

Spartan Core #2

Once you reach the exit of the large Foundation ship take a right and follow the cliffside path. Head to the map marker shown above to find a wreckage with the second Spartan Core for this area.

Spartan Core #3

Once you’ve collected the second Spartan Core head back to the front of the Foundation ship. Go through the first building that is in front of you. Head through the building so you are standing along the west cliffs. Here you will find a weapon’s cache that includes a Spartan Core.

Banished Audio Log #15: In Your Honor (Outpost Intel)

Image showing the location of the Banished Audio Log #15 in the Outpost Tremonius location.

Follow the path heading to the east from Spartan Core #3 to find a pile of crates. In the middle of the pile you will find the Banished Audio Log #15.

Mjolnir Locker #1: Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor

Image showing the Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor Mjolnir Locker in Halo Infinite.

The final collectible is located up next to the landing pad. Make your way up to this location and look for a green armor locker. Interact with the locker to open it. You will receive the Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor for multiplayer and will unlock the Money in the Bank achievement.

That’s all of the collectibles available for player to find in the Outpost Tremonius level in Halo Infinite. Upon completion of this level you will start the next level called Recovery. This level has collectibles to find in it.

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