Halo Infinite Foundation Skull Location

The second mission in the Halo Infinite campaign is Foundation. This mission sees Master Chief search for a special weapon. While Master Chief is completing the mission there is a hidden skull in the level that can be collected to unlock a game modifier. To help you find this collectible see our Halo Infinite Warship Foundation Skull location guide below.

Where is the Foundation Skull Located?

Image showing how to get the Cowbell skull in Halo Infinite.

To find the skull make your way through the level until you collect the weapon. After this sequence you will ride an elevator up to the floor above. Head through to the next room. Take a left into the large open room. Look above and grapple up to the first rafter you see. Jump from this rafter and hook onto the rafter in the center of the room. Land on this rafter to find the Skull.

Skull #2 is Boom. This Skull causes the acceleration from explosions to increase. This makes movement due explosions more interesting for you and your enemies.

Skull game modifiers are applied at the start of the campaign. There is a special skull menu that contains the modifiers. Select whichever modifiers you wish to have active in your campaign to change up your playthrough. There are many Skull for players to find and collect alongside other collectibles.

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