Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles Guide

The second level in Halo Infinite is called Foundation. This level occurs after a brief cutscene sequence after completing Warship Gbraakon. To complete this mission Master Chief needs to find a special weapon. While he is doing that there are a few collectibles that can be found along the way. Use our Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles guide below for help in finding them all.

Foundation Collectibles List

  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs.
  • 1x Banished Audio Logs.
  • 1x Skull.

All of the above listed collectibles can be found by exploring different sections of the mission. The order they are listed below is how in the chronological order you find them on the mission. Be sure to use your scan ability to highlight collectibles and other objects to make your life easier.

Skull #2: Cowbell

Image showing how to get the Cowbell skull in Halo Infinite.

To find the Foundation skull make your way through the level until you collect the weapon. After this sequence you will ride an elevator up to the floor above. Head through to the next room. Take a left into the large open room. Look above and grapple up to the first rafter you see. Jump from this rafter and hook onto the rafter in the center of the room. Land on this rafter to find the Skull.

Skull #2 is Boom. This Skull causes the acceleration from explosions to increase. This makes movement due explosions more interesting for you and your enemies.

UNSC Audio Log #2: The Question (Recovered Files)

You unlock this Audio Log by simply playing through the mission. Nothing else is required from you. Just follow and complete the mission objectives and it will appear in your Database.

Banished Audio Log #2: Cylix (Escharum’s Testimony)

Image showing the Halo Infinite Banished Audio Log 2 location.

Continue through the level until you reach the bridge construction sequence. Construct both of the bridges and clear out the enemies so you reach the other side of the room. Follow the quest marker and you will find the Banished Audio Log #2 along your path next to the exit.

UNSC Audio Log #1: Not My Fault (The Prisoner)

Make your way forward through the level until you reach the large red room with a bunch of Grunts and a console you need to place a Power Core in. Locate the console then run directly behind it to a doorway. Go through the doorway and down the hall until you find a long bridge platform. Continue along this platform to find the Power Core and Audio Log #1 to the left beside it.

That’s all of the collectibles available for player to find in the Foundation level in Halo Infinite. Upon completion of this level you will start the next level called Outpost Tremonius. This level has collectibles to find in it.

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