Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Event Details and Information

The second major event to occur in Halo Infinite is finally live. Called the Cyber Showdown this new event features a new mode to play and new items to unlock. For a complete the Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown breakdown see the information below.

Cyber Showdown – Attrition Game Mode

Image showing the Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown - Attrition mode.
Attrition in Halo Infinite.

While the Cyber Showdown event is live players can take part in a special event mode called Cyber Showdown – Attrition. This game mode tasks players with depleting lives from the enemy team’s lifepool. Once the lifepool is depleted reviving fallen teammates is unlocked. The first team to run out of lives loses.

Like the last event there are special tasks you must complete in the Cyber Showdown – Attrition game mode. These tasks are located on the Daily Challenges tab. The challenges for the event have a special red star banner beside them. Completing the event challenges unlocks XP that unlocks rewards from the challenge pass.

Cyber Showdown Rewards

Image showing the Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Rewards.
Rank 10 Reward the Neon Hawk Armor Effect.

There are ten rewards for players to unlock while Cyber Showdown is running. These rewards are tied to 10 levels of the Cyber Showdown event pass. The list of rewards and their corresponding level unlock are as follows:

  1. Expecting Trouble – Rare Stance.
  2. Electric Bubblegum – MA40 Assault Rifle Weapon Coating.
  3. Cross Glitch – Rare Backdrop.
  4. Brute Rock – Legendary Backdrop.
  5. Neon Screen – Epic Armor Effect.
  6. Electric Bubblegum – Mark VII Epic Armor Coating.
  7. Kukri – Epic Charm.
  8. Blackpool – Mark VII Epic Visor.
  9. Hunter Blood – Rare AI Color.
  10. Neon Hawk – Epic Armor Effect.

Alongside the rewards listed above there are new items in the Halo Infinite item shop. These items are all themed around the Cyber Showdown event. Purchasing these items requires in-game currency which can be bought using real money.

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