GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Release Date and Time

The hotly anticipated GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update is slated to release soon. With the launch of the update comes a variety of additions to the game including new cars, new community areas, and more. In typical Rockstar news surrounding the update is pretty limited. With that said let’s take a closer look at the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners release date and time below.


When is the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Release Date?

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners cars photo.

The release date for the Los Santos Tuners update is July 20th. This release date has been confirmed by Rockstar who put out an official Newswire post that features the date. July 20th is a Tuesday and a release on this date follows the pattern of previous update releases that have occurred.

What time will GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Launch?

While we have a set date for release the time on July 20th gets a bit more murky. Rockstar typically doesn’t reveal the exact time an update will release. Instead we need to go off the patterns of previously released updates. Typically updates to GTA Online occur at 10 AM BST. This puts it largely smack-dab in the early AM for the Americas.

Now obviously this is largely speculative in nature. Previous updates have been released around this time, but some have been pushed a little bit later (like the recent Red Dead Online) update. Once the update is live I will update this article accordingly. If you wish to follow a countdown this one created by R/GTAOnline is a good one to give you a general idea of how much time remains.

HTR will have a variety of guides available for the update. Be sure to check out our GTA Online section to follow along with everything we release.

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