GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Car List

The new update for GTA Online, Los Santos Tuners, is live now and it brings a number of new cars to the game. These cars are all themed after underground street racing and car culture. The GTA Online Los Santos Tuners car list below walks you through what new cars have been added in this update.

Los Santos Tuners Cars List

There are a number of new cars that have been added thanks to the Los Santos Tuners update. These new cars can be acquired through a few avenues from purchasing them to win them at the LS Car Meet. The list below is updating as more cars will be added over the coming weeks.

Dinka Jester RRLegendary Motorsports1,477,500(T) / 1,970,000(BN).
Annis ZR350Legendary Motorsports1,211,250(T) / 1,615,000(BN).
Annis Euros Legendary Motorsports1,350,000
Obey Tailgater SLegendary Motorsports1,121,250(T) / 1,495,000(BN).
Dinka RT3000Southern San Andreas Super Autos1,286,250(T) / 1,675,000(BN).
Vulcar Warrener HKRSouthern San Andreas Super Autos945,000(T) / 1,260,000(BN).
Vapid Dominator GTTSouthern San Andreas Super Autos915,000(T) / 1,220,000(BN).
Karin Futo GTXSouthern San Andreas Super Autos1,192,500(T) / 1,590,000(BN).
Annis RemusSouthern San Andreas Super Autos1,027,500(T) / 1,370,000(BN).
Karin Calico GTFSouthern San Andreas Super Autos1,496,250(T) / 1,995,000(BN).
Annis RemusNot yet released
Dominator ASPSouthern San Andreas Super Autos$1,331,250(T) / $1,775,000(BN).
GrowlerNot yet released
PrevianNot yet released
Comet S2Legendary Motorsports1,408,500(T) / 1,878,000(BN).
CypherNot yet released
VectreLegendary Motorsports1,338,750(T) / 1,785,000(BN).
Sultan RS ClassicNot yet released

There are more cars coming to the game over the coming weeks. The list above will be updated as the cars are introduced to the game. What cars are you picking up from the list above?

Thoughts on the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners car list? Drop them in the comments below.

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