GTA Online December Update Announced

Red's Auto Parts business in GTA Online.

Rockstar’s popular GTA Online multiplayer experience hasn’t seen a new update in a while. The last significant one, the San Andreas Mercenaries update, dropped in June. Now, the second update of 2023 is on the horizon with the recently announced GTA Online December update.

News of the December update was revealed on the official Rockstar Newswire. The post features a look at the various new additions that will come in the winter month.

Major GTA Online December Update Additions

The first major addition of this update revolves around the introduction of a new player-operated business. Known as Red’s Auto Parts, it is a salvage yard available for purchase. Using this business players can engage in high-end auto thefts for Liberty City real estate developer Yusuf Amir. Cars stolen for Yusuf can be either sold for cash or salvaged for parts.

The second significant addition involves the inclusion of Drift Races, introducing a set of new circuits for players to showcase their drifting skills. Enhancing the drifting experience, players can now modify certain cars for drifting at the LS Car Meet.

Minor GTA Online December Update Additions & Fixes/Improvements

Besides these new additions the December update for GTA Online also adds a few new things for Xbox and PS5 owners. Owners of these next-gen consoles will be able to do the following:

  • Wildlife comes to Freemode: animals now rove the Southern San Andreas landscape across GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles
  • GTA+ Members will get access to The Vinewood Club Garage, a new vehicle storage facility with the capacity to hold 100 vehicles
  • PS5 and Xbox Series players will be able to organize and manage vehicle collections more conveniently via the Interaction Menu, moving them between garages with ease

Additionally all platforms will see the following improvements

  • A newly streamlined Interaction menu for easier navigation
  • Increased LS Car Meet Reputation points for competing in Pursuit and Street Races
  • New Specification Service at the LS Car Meet, allowing drivers to now purchase copies of another player’s Personal Vehicle on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
  • Custom description tags for each floor of the Eclipse Blvd. Garage
  • Console voice chat now defaults to “Off”
  • A small birthday gift for all players on their character’s birthday

Similar to past updates, the December update will receive ongoing additions in the weeks and months following its release. The studio will add an array of new features, including fresh music, holiday modes, experience enhancements, creator tools updates, and other surprises.

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