Gourmet Race Zone Guide in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In the story mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate there area number of side dungeons you need to complete to advance the story. One of the optional dungeons you can explore is not like the others as it houses a minigame which involves collecting food. To help you complete this minigame, use our Gourmet Race Zone guide below. 

Gourmet Race Zone Location

The Gourmet Race Zone is one of the final areas you will visit during your Adventure Mode: World of Light playthrough. To find the entrance to this area, make your way up to the floating star island which is just east of the entrance to WOL’s final boss (see exact location above)

Gourmet Race Zone Placements

King Dede - Beat the food challenge on the floating island
If you place first in this minigame, you will unlock the ability to fight King Dede.

In this minigame area you are tasked with choosing to go down different paths collecting food along the way until you reach the finish line. Upon reaching the finish line you will be judged on how much food you collected. There are three rankings you can get:

  1. First Place (11+ Food): Unlocks fight with King Dede. 
  2. Second Place (<10 Food) : Unlocks fight with a Spirit. 
  3. Third Place (6 Food): Unlocks fight with a Spirit. 

When you cross the finish line your total amount of food collected will place you on the podium. Each place is associated with a battle. Winning the event allows you to fight and unlock King Dede.

Beating the Gourmet Race Zone Minigame

When you start this minigame you will have the choice of going down a number of paths. These paths have food on them which you collect as you run over them. To place first you need to collect at least 11 pieces of food along the way. Below I will show you the root I took to do just that. 

Grabbing the First Three Food Items. 

On the first screen, follow this path to grab three pieces of food.

To start, go along the middle path until you reach your first T in the road. Go up at this point into the higher path. On this higher path go forward until you reach another directional choice. Go up again and grab the Pear (1). Follow the path right across the star bridge and go down to the next food item (2). Continue on the path to get the Ice Tea (3). Follow the path. 

 Grabbing the Next Three Food Items

Follow the path highlighted above to grab three more food items.

Head along the path until you reach a choice between continuing on the path or going down to grab a Sub Sandwich. Grab the Sub Sandwich (4) and follow the path across the bridge to get the Soup (5). Go along the path until you reach another choice between the path down to a Salad and staying on the path you are on. Go down the Salad (6) path.

And Two More…

Follow the path laid out in this screenshot to get the next two food pieces.

Continue along the path until you reach the next direction choice. Go up then right then up again to reach the Bread (7). From here go right to grab the Apple (8).  Continue right to the next directional choice. 

Grab The Final Three

The final three pieces of food are located around the finish line.

The last three pieces of food can be grabbed by following the the screenshot above. The pieces of food you will grab are: Skewer (9), Chicken (10), and Grapes (11). Once you have all of the food, cross the finish line to trigger the award ceremony. 

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