Good Boy Endings Guide and Walkthrough

Good Boy is an indie horror game by thealphagurlux that tasks players with exploring a birthday themed narrative story. This story features a number of twists and turns and includes multiple endings. To help you complete all of the game’s endings see our Good Boy endings guide below.

Get the Knife

Image showing the knife in Good Boy.

Before you can unlock the three endings in the game you need to complete the opening section. This opening section is fairly linear and is complete by doing the following steps:

  1. Leave room.
  2. Turn left and enter the living room.
  3. Speak to Mother.
  4. Wait for Mother to tell you to get Grandma.
  5. Go down hall to Grandma’s room and speak to her.
  6. Leave Grandma’s room and get the knife.

Once you have the knife you are then able to unlock the three different endings depending on the choices you make. Each ending is different and has a different outcome to the story.

Ending 1: Take Out Cats and Mom

Image showing the Good Boy Ending 1.

Pick up the knife and follow the blood trail into your bedroom. Approach the cat there and take it out. Leave the bedroom and head into the living room. Take out the cat on the couch there. Go into the kitchen and take out your mom when prompted. Leave and head back to Grandma’s room. Speak to her and you will trigger the first ending where the cops come to your home.

Ending 2: Take Out Grandma

Image showing the Good Boy Ending 2.

To unlock the second ending in Good Boy take the knife and head back to Grandma’s room. Approach Grandma and when prompted stab her. This will trigger a cutscene where you appear in a room and darkness eventually takes you. Once the darkness consumes you the second ending is unlocked.

Ending 3: Take Out Toybox

Image showing the Good Boy Ending 3.

To unlock this ending you need to stab the toybox in your room with the knife. This teleports you to a new location. In the new location follow the linear path until you reach the red room with the blocks that say BOO. Go through the red door here and enter the first door on your left. Grab the Yellow Key and head back to the hallway. Open the Yellow Door and use the platform to head to the floor above. Follow the blood and enter the Blue Room to get the Blue Key then the Red Room to get the Red Key.

Once you have both of the keys head back to the room with the white chain. Use the keys in the statues to raise the chain and reveal the heart. Approach the heart and take it out when prompted. This triggers the “Good” ending which is ending 3.

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