Glorious Guard Guide – Vigil: The Longest Night

In Vigil: The Longest Night there are a number of side quests players can complete for the different characters they come in contact with. These characters often are missing items or need help finding something. To help out you can find these items to advance the quest-lines. One such quest comes from a guard named Steve in the Gate Outpost. This quest is called Glorious Guard. Use our Glorious Guard guide to complete this side quest.

How to Complete the Glorious Guard Quest

Image showing where to find the helmet for Steve in Vigil: The Longest Night.

The first step in this quest is to find the helmet Steve lost. Steve’s helmet can be found in the Maye Bridge area on a ledge along the right wall. To reach this ledge simply jump off the stone platforms you need to climb to reach the right side of the bridge. When you land on this ledge you will find the Stinky Helmet next to some crates. Grab it and give it to Steve on the second floor of the Gate Outpost to get the Collection of Duran’s Letters which is part of the quest’s second step.

Give the Letters to Duran

Image showing the Duran NPC in Vigil: The Longest Night.

Once you have the letters head out the left gate and speak to the guard that has the handlebar mustache. This guard is Duran. Select yes to return the letters back to Duran. Duran will give you the Rose Ring as a reward for returning his letters back to him. You will need to advance the Bruna Missing quest to advance this quest further.

Speak to Duran After Defeating Brood Mother

To advance the quest you need to defeat the Brood Mother boss in the Secret Trail. Once this boss is defeated you can return to Duran and talk to him. Duran is worried about the woman he has been writing to. His fear causes him to leave his post.

Upon speaking to Duran the second time you will complete Duran’s Quest. Completing this quest unlocks the Mysterious Pen Pal achievement. You can also sell the Rose Ring he gives you for 2500 Gold at this point if you feel like it.

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  1. Bradley says:

    Dont sell rose ring. If u equip it with guard sword it give 25 attack. Or maybe 20 but its pretty good. Farm bloody shovel from cemetary that sell for 2600 (worth 4000) bomb guy

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