Giant Black Stallion The Legend of Zelda TOTK

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom there is a Giant Black Stallion mount that players can get if they know where to look for it. This huge horse looks a lot like Ganondorf’s black stallion from¬†Ocarina of Time and features the signature red mane. To learn how to get the Giant Black Stallion, see our guide below.

Where to Find the Giant Black Stallion

Giant Black Stallion map location.

The special mount can be caught and tamed like other mounts in the game. To get this horse for yourself you will need to find it at a very specific location. The location of the Giant Black Stallion is in the area called the island of land between Deepback Bay and Hateno Beach in East Necluda. Due to the horses size you will have no problem seeing it among the other horses as you approach the area.

How to Catch the Giant Black Stallion

Link sneaking up to the Giant Black Stallion to tame it.

Catching the horse comes down to your Stamina and sneak ability. To tame the horse you must ensure you have enough Stamina available. A good amount is two Stamina Wheels. If you don’t have enough stock up on Stamina food (like the Endura Carrots) or Energizing Elixirs. You can also sleep in a higher end bed for a temporary boost.

Once you’ve scored enough Stamina to tame the large horse you simple need to stealth your way towards it. Once you are close enough you will be prompted to Mount it. Mount it then repeatedly push L to soothe the horse. Tap L until the horse calms down enough and hearts appear above its head. This means that you’ve tamed it.

After you’ve tamed the horse you need to take it a stable and register it. The nearest stable is Dueling Peaks Stable which is a bit of a journey. Stick to the path and you should have no problem reaching it.

If you are looking for more interesting mounts like this one there are a few to acquire. Players can snag Zelda’s Golden Horse and even a Giant White Stallion similar to this one.

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