Ghostwire Tokyo Point of No Return

In Ghostwire Tokyo there is a point of no return players will reach in the main story. This point of no return is not a huge deal since you can complete the majority of the tasks leftover after you beat the game, but it is important to no what content you may miss. To know exactly when the Ghostwire Tokyo Point of No Return occurs, see our guide below.

Motorcycle Point of No Return

Image showing the Ghostwire Tokyo point of no return message in-game.

The point of no return in Ghostwire Tokyo occurs during Chapter 4: Contortion’s The Black Tower section. During this section you find a way to get through a black fog wall enshrouding the Tokyo Tower. To do this you repair a motorcycle using parts you collect as part of the main story.

Once you’ve collected all of the parts you are prompted to return to the motorcycle and repair it. When you repair the bike and interact with it you get the point of no return message shown above. The most important part of this message is that there is a questline you may miss if you haven’t done it already. This side questline is called After the End and it has three parts to it. If you select yes on the bike you will miss this questline.

If you haven’t done that set of side missions, you may wish to do it now. Besides that mission the rest of the game is accessible upon finishing the game. You simply return to the city and are free to do whatever collecting or side quests you still have available.

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