Ghostwire Tokyo Main Story Missions List

Ghostwire Tokyo is an open-world first person thriller. While you explore the open-world there is a main storyline you can complete to reach the game’s ending. This main storyline leads you through Tokyo and opens up new areas of the world. It also introduces new characters to the game. To keep track of where you are see our Ghostwire Tokyo main story missions list below.

How Many Missions in the Ghostwire Tokyo Main Story

Image showing the Ghostwire Tokyo main story missions list in-game.

You will automatically start the game’s main story when you begin to play. The first chapter is fairly linear with you following a set path. After that chapter is completed you unlock the open-world. Here you begin to explore Tokyo. There are a total of 17 main story missions you must complete to see the end of the game. You can track your progress by looking at the Main Missions page in-game.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

  • The Vanishing.
  • City of Shadows.

Chapter 2: Trouble

  • KK.
  • Clearing the Fog.
  • A Maze of Death.
  • The Buried Life.
  • The Caves of Steel.

Chapter 3: Connection

  • Pillar of Light.
  • Blindness.
  • Agony.

Chapter 4: Contortion

  • Giants.
  • Black Tower.

Chapter 5: Severance

  • Family.
  • Tokyo Tower.

Chapter 6: Binding

  • Mari.
  • Gate to the Underworld.
  • Farewells.

The time it takes you to complete the list of levels above varies depending on your skill and the difficulty you play in. Largely mainlining the story I completed the game’s story on normal in 10 hours. With that said there is plenty of content leftover I can continue to play.

Once the game is complete you can either enter NG+ or return to the game world state in Chapter 4: Contortion. This allows you to clean up any remaining open world activities you’d like to complete for trophies/achievements and other unlocks.

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