What is That? Getting Over It Combines a Cauldron, Sledgehammer, and Shirtless Man

Getting Over It is the newest in a long line of meme games that have taken the internet by storm. While simple in nature, Getting Over It has a rage inducing effect on individual who play this game, specifically streamers. So where does all this rage come from? Let’s take a look at Getting Over It!

Getting Over It Trailer

About Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Developed by Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It centres on making your way up a pile of trash using only a sledgehammer for movement. The sledgehammer is controlled with the mouse and can be used to jump, swing, climb and fly. These movements are to be used in order to reach the summit. The closer you get to the summit, the harder the traversal. Reaching the summit of trash mountain is said to hold a mystical reward for the brave hikers who manage to reach the peak.

While Getting Over It may seem like a relatively simple game, the gameplay itself will punish you every step (cauldron hop?) of the journey upwards. Miss a sledgehammer hook? That could send you back to the start. Landing a little off? See you at the bottom. As upwards movement is made at a rather slow pace, the game can easily tilt you by wiping hours of progress in a matter of seconds. Developer Bennett Foddy highlights the game’s sadism on the Steam page, stating, “A game I made.. For a certain kind of person… To hurt them.”

Getting Over It is slated to release on December 6th on both Steam and Humble Bundle. Launching so close to the holidays makes this the ideal gift to give those you dislike in your family.

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