Genshin Impact Yumemiru Wood Guide, Location and Uses

There is a new type of wood players can collect in Genshin Impact to make new furnishings in the Sernitea Pot. This new wood is Yumemiru Wood and it was added in Update 2.0. To learn more about this wood see our Genshin Impact Yumemiru Wood location and uses guide below.

Where to Find Yumemiru Wood

To get the Yumemiru Wood you need to go to the new location of Inazuma. This new location was added in Update 2.0 and is accessible after you reach AR 30+ and complete a few main storyline quests. Once you’ve met the requirements you can sail over to this area to continue the main story.

In this new main area head to the location called Aruami to the north of the Grand Narukami Shrine. At the location highlighted above you will find new Sakura Trees. These trees have purple leaves and strange branches. Hit the trees with an attack to harvest the Yumemiru wood from them.

What to Do with Yumemiru Wood

Wood is a resource you can collect from trees in Genshin Impact. This resource comes in a variety of types with their own uses. The major use for Yumemiru Wood is to create different pieces of furniture for your Serenitea Pot.

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