Genshin Impact Find and Light Up All Devices Guide

In update 1.6 there is a new location players can visit called the Golden Apple Archipelago. This location is a limited time area that features a number of quests players can complete. One of the first quest steps you will get is to Find and Light Up All 3 Devices. To help you complete this step use our Genshin Impact Find and Light Up All Devices guide below.

Where to Find and Light Up All Devices

Once you have access to the ship you need to use it to travel through the waters in the area. The devices they are hinting to are the three waypoints in the area. The waypoints are located on the following islands:

  1. Pudding Isle (get at start).
  2. Twinning Isle.
  3. Broken Isle.
  4. Minacious Isle.

To get tot he silands you need to follow the beacons. This will ensure you don’t get lost. The best approach is to follow the beacons counter clockwise. This will take you to the islands as they are listed above. Once you light all of the waypoints you will get a new quest objective that is located on Pudding Isle.

That’s all you need to know to Find and Light Up All Devices in Genshin Impact update 1.6. This is just one of the new quest steps that is available in this special area. Drop a comment below if you need more help or just want to say hi.


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