Genshin Impact Echoing Conches Locations Guide

The new location added in Genshin Impact update 1.6 features a new collectible item called Echoing Conches. These special shells are hidden across the various isles of the Golden Apple Archipelago and can be found for a variety of rewards. One of the rewards from collecting these shells is a special outfit for Barbara. To help you get them all see our Genshin Impact Echoing Conches guide below for location details.

Act 1 Echoing Conches Locations

Each day 5 Echoing Conch shells are available for players to find and collect. This first video by YouTuber ZaFrostPet shows you the locations of the 5 shells on Day 1. These locations are as follows:

  1. Twinning Isle.
  2. Twinning Isle.
  3. Pudding Isle.
  4. Pudding Isle.
  5. Broken Isle.

For exact locations I recommend watching the video. If you don’t want to spoil it simply look around the islands listed above until the conch icon appears on your minimap. Head to the conch and you will find the shell you need to collect. Collect the shell then move onto the next one.

Act 2 Echoing Conches Location

Now that we are into Act 2 there are a bunch more conches for players to find. This act contains a total of 23 you can find and collect. Grabbing these conches will unlock the Barbara skin at 24 collected. The video above by KyoStinV does a good job of showing where to find them all.

As more shell locations are released I will update this guide accordingly. For now check back daily to ensure you remain up to date. If you are going for Barbara’s outfit you need to acquire 24x shells which will take you 5 days to do.

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