Genshin Impact Amakane Island Barrier Solution Guide

In Genshin Impact there is an island called Amakane Island that has a Waverider summoning station on it. The station enclosed by an Electro barrier which makes it impossible to enter unless you complete a certain task. To help you get inside use our Genshin Impact Amakane Island barrier solution guide below.

How to Reach Waverider Station on Amakane Island

When you reach Amakane Island’s west coast you will find a Waverider station. This Waverider station is covered by an Electro barrier. To get through this barrier you need to summon an Electrogranum. This summoning station is nearby.

Head to the east of the summoning station to the location marked on the map above. At this location you will find the summoning station for the Electrogranum. Summon an Electrogranum and head back to the Waverider station. While the Electrogranum is active you can cross through the barrier. This allows you to reach the Waverider station.

Once you are inside the barrier you can use the Waverider station to summon your craft. Note that once the Elcectorgranum expires you will take damage while you are inside the barrier. Try to be as quick as possible. Once you summon get out.

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