Game Wizard Guide for Infernax

In Infernax there are a number of nods to gaming of years past. These nods include fun little additions that players from the era would immediately recognize. One fun nod is the game’s inclusion of a Game Wizard. The Game Wizard allows players to input codes to alter their game’s with special changes and additions. To learn more about this secret see our Game Wizard guide for Infernax below.

Where to Find the Game Wizard

Before you can do anything with the Game Wizard you first need to find it. The Game Wizard is located inside of the Backer Mausoleum in the area called the Tohan Passage. I’ve highlighted its location on the map above. Keep in mind that reaching this area involves fighting a werewolf boss that blocks your way. Once that boss is defeated head east and enter the mausoleum. Inside continue right until you reach the Game Wizard book. Interact with the book to open the Game Wizard menu.

Game Wizard Codes List

Image showing the Game Wizard in Infernax.
The Game Wizard.

The folks over on Steam (compiled by Thundereagle) have been putting together a complete list of the codes players can use on the Game Wizard. These codes are inputted via the Enter Code option on the Game Wizard screen. The codes and what they are found in the table below.

ALEXKOLE99999 Gold.
SEPPINOTInfinite Jumps.
UNKLZXXGInfinite Mana.
ATPGNINGOver the Top Gore.
PAINTGALPaintball Mode.
AUGKIOPPStart with 99 Lives.
NOTPOZESMotor-cedor (Bike mode).

Each time you put in a code it is unlocked on the Code List. On this list you can select which codes you want active or inactive. I recommend inputting all of the codes at once so you have access to them all from the code list. This list an input can be accessed at shrines, which makes toggling the codes on and off fairly easy to do while playing.

The first time you enter any one of the codes listed above you unlock the Imaginations from the Other Side achievement. Having the cheats active while you play doesn’t impact achievement unlocking. So keep that in mind.

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