Game Builder Garage reviews roundup

The make your own game Nintendo title, Game Builder Garage, released on June 11th for the Nintendo Switch. This title from the Japanese gaming titan focused on allowing players to create their own games. Now many of the major outlets have published their reviews for the game. See what people think of this gems in our Game Builder Garage reviews roundup below.

What are Reviews like for Game Builder Garage?

Game Builder Garage design screen screenshot from Nintendo.
Image via Nintendo.

Game Builder Garage is essentially an edutainment title. The educational side of the game comes from learning how to use the game’s development systems to make games. The entertainment side comes from playing your creations and those made by the community.

Overall critics from the major outlets looked on Game Builder Garage favorably. Many of the positives they found was in the game’s ability to teach. The black box of game design has been laid bare in a fun learning environment. Creating is fun and so is seeing what others have made. Scores can be seen below.

Overall the game is holding a 77 on Metacritic from critics and a 7.9 from users. There is a demo on the eshop you can try before buying. This demo allows you to play a slice of the game. Purchasing the full title will cost you $29.99 USD.

What did you think of the Game Builder Garage reviews roundup? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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