Free Prestige Operative in Watch Dogs Legion

In Watch Dogs Legion there are a number of different types of operators for players to find and recruit for their teams. These operators range from common folk to more advanced characters like hitmen and spies. Above even these advanced characters is a special class called Prestige Operative. These special characters have unique outfits and abilities. Unfortunately getting these requires real-world cash. With that said there is a way to get a free Prestige Operative. Continue reading below to learn how to get free Prestige Operative in Watch Dogs Legion.

Redeem Code to Get El Rubius OMG

Image showing El Rubius OMG in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Code: WDSL-ELRU-BIUS-9999.

To get this special character you need to have access to a web browser and the game. Once you have access to both take the code above and input it into the Watch Dogs: Legion code redeem page. After you’ve inputted the code and submitted it you will need to sign into your Ubisoft account. Make sure you use the credentials for the account you have the game on. Once this is completed you will see a page saying you’ve successfully claimed El Rubius OMG.

The next step is to boot up Watch Dogs: Legion. Head into your game and pull up the Teams screen. Make sure you are connected to the internet (overlay on in Connect) for this part as he will not appear otherwise. If done correctly you should see El Rubius OMG among your other operatives.

About El Rubius OMG Prestige Operative

El Rubius OMG is a Livestreamer by profession who “participates in covert otaku activities.” As a Livestreamer El Rubius OMG wields a Paintball Gun for his main weapon, a Studded Truncheon for melee, and a Camera Drone. One thing you will notice about this Prestige Operative is his outfit. These clothing items become available in the Wardrobe at the DedSec store once the character is unlocked.

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