Free MultiVersus Characters this Week

MultiVersus is a free-to-play brawler that lets players use a roster of characters in battle. To unlock many of the characters in the game, players need to spend in-game currency. Thankfully there is a chance to use characters without spending a penny. There are free rotation characters yo can play for free. The post below highlights the free MultiVersus characters in rotation this week.

What Characters are in the Free Rotation?

When a character is free-to-play you will see the clock icon.

There are free rotational characters players can use in MultiVersus. These characters are available for a limited time while active. As of the Season 1 patch you will see a timer icon on the character selection screen of which characters are free. There are 4 characters you can play right now for free from 8/15 – 8/30:

  • Arya
  • Batman
  • LeBron
  • Steven

Once the time is up for these characters, a new batch will be free-to-play. This allows players to try a variety of characters before spending any currency on unlocking them. Think about it as a sort of test drive to determine whether or not you like the characters enough to buy them.

That’s all you need to know about the free characters this week. When the reset occurs and a new batch of characters is free-to-play I will update the post above. Be sure to check back when that occurs to see what new characters you can play for free!

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Thoughts on the free MultiVersus characters this week? Drop a comment below.


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