“The CRPG Book Project” – A Free Book about the History of PC RPGs is Out

Writer Felipe Pepe embarked on The CRPG Book Project these past four years to compile a book on the history of many beloved PC role-playing games, and that journey is now complete.

To accomplish this 528 page undertaking, Pepe enlisted the help of a global team of volunteers ranging from developers and journalists, to fans to write on over 400 RPGs spanning from the 70s to 2014.

In announcing the completion of The CRPG Book Project, Pepe wrote this on his blog:

Across its 528 pages you’ll find information about over 400 RPGs, from the early PLATO games to modern AAA releases, as well as hidden gems, curiosities and even fan-translations. The reviews were written by a team of 112 volunteers from all around the globe – fans, modders, journalists, critics, indies and AAA developers.

Above all, this book is a passion project. Free, non-commercial, created by people who wanted to share their hobby and help others have fun.  I’m very proud of what we achieved, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me on this journey.

If you are looking for something video game related to read on your commute, before bed, or wherever else you read, check out the free PDF here.

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