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NBA 2K18

NBA 2k18 is almost out (is our for those that preordered). Thought I would throw up a post for people looking to meet other players, or talk about their MyPLayer.

PSA: Talk a picture with the AJ 32 in the Proving Grounds to add to your shoe collection

Lonzo Ball First NBA Season Simulated:

Anyone know how to buy the skill boosts? Or where to buy them?

Good question. I've ran around the Neighborhood like crazy, but haven't found it anywhere

So how do you get to the neighborhood?  Pictures of the menu screen appreciated.  I got the game on Saturday and have played almost a whole season on My Career and still have no clue where the Neighborhood feature is.  I did add XBOX live after I had already set up the game but made a new player after that to have VC vs points like offline.  Any suggestions?


Neighborhood is the main focal point of the MyCAREER mode. You can't have played an entire season without going to the Neighborhood. It's baked into the story. You didn't get 2K17 by chance?

Story Progression: 

Jordan Proving Ground (You play Streetball, choose NBA Team) -> NBA Tryout (You tryout for the team you selected) -> Start NBA SEASON (After making the team, you get access to Neighborhood)

Neighborhood acts as the central hub for everything MyPLAYER related. You buy gear from the stores, visit your agent's office, hangout at your MyCOURT, etc.

Hope this helps!

Does the shooting in NBA 2K18 feel off? I seem to miss all the time... There is like zero shooter's roll