What’s for Sale in the Fortnite Item Shop – October 18-19

It’s another day and that means it’s time for another update to the Fortnite item shop. Check out the what items are currently available items in the Fortnite Item Shop on October 18-19 down below.

Note: The Fortnite Item Shop typically updates daily at 5 pm PST. With that said, Epic sometimes updates the shop early ahead of updates so keep that in mind if the store doesn’t seem to be updated when you check. Also note that there is a timer on both the Featured Items and Daily Items in game, so you will know exactly when the update will drop.

Fortnite Item Shop Inventory: October 18-19

The Fortnite Item Shop features a wide mix of items for players to purchase using the game’s currency, V-Bucks. V-Bucks can be purchased using real money or earned through the game’s Battle Pass system. The items you will find for sale in the Item Shop are as follows:

Fortnite Featured Items

  1. Snuggs Outfit = 1200 V-Bucks.
  2. Beach Bomber Outfit = 1200 V-Bucks.
  3. Rio Grande Outfit = 1200 V-Bucks.
  4. Deadfire Outfit = 2000 V-Bucks.
  5. Frontier Outfit = 1200 V-Bucks
  6. Snuggle Swiper Harvesting Tool = 500 V-Bucks.
  7. Brite Stars Wrap = 300 V-Bucks.
  8. Payload Glider = 500 V-Bucks.
  9. Dark Shard Harvesting Tool = 1200 V-Bucks.
  10. Longhorn Harvesting Tool = 800 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Daily Items

  1. Astor Assassin Outfit = 1500 V-Bucks.
  2. Renegade Outfit = 1200 V-Bucks.
  3. Pirouette Emote = 500 V-Bucks.
  4. True Love Emote = 200 V-Bucks.
  5. Blue Camo Wrap = 200 V-Bucks.
  6. Snuggs Shine Wrap = 500 V-Bucks.

There are currently 16 items available for purchase in the Fortnite item shop. The rarity of items range from Uncommon to Legendary. These items will be available until October 19 at 5 pm PST.

What do you think of the skins and cosmetics currently for sale in the Fortnite Item Shop? Anything you are gonna pick up? Let me know in the comments. Keep it locked to HTR for more Fortnite coverage.

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