Forager Buildings List

Forager is a new indie title which tasks you with foraging and crafting as you grow your world. Like other games in the genre, Forager features a number of craftable recipes. Below you will find our Forager buildings list. Guide Status: Updating.

How to Build in Forager

Image showing how to build in Forager.

Before I detail each crafting recipe, I am gonna briefly touch on how you build in Forager. To start simply press escape and select Build. From here you will be presented with four categories: Industrial, Farming, Economic, and Magical. Each category features a number of buildables which will help your in your Forager playthrough.

Forager Buildings List

There are four main categories of buildings: Industrial, Farming, Economic, and Magical. Each category features its own types of building with benefits. Here’s how to build each building.

Industrial Buildings

  • Furnace: 12 Stone.
  • Forge: 5 Iron Ingot, 5 Brick.
  • Sewing Station: 2 Fiber, 10 Wood, 4 Brick.

Farming Buildings

  • Bridge: 4 Wood.
  • Fishing Trap

Economic Buildings

  • Soon.

Magical Buildings

  • Soon.

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