First Demo of Minecraft Earth Shown at Apple WWDC 2019

Minecraft has been teasing an upcoming augmented reality game called Minecraft Earth. At the Apple WWDC 2019 currently being held, we got our first look at the game running.

Minecraft Earth Footage

The footage shown off happened in real time on stage at Apple WWDC 2019. Two members of Mojang walked through a couple of scenarios. The first scenario was simply showing off the game on a tabletop. Using and Iphone and Ipad they showed a living, breathing Minecraft world on a tabletop complete with moving parts like minecarts, cows, fireworks, and characters. In the tabletop mode players are able to use a number of traditional Minecraft game elements like building, deleting, and even using their motion capture to make their virtual avatar move.

After the tabletop demo was concluded, the Mojang team then explored the stage. This part of the demo showed the same Minecraft world from the tabletop, but on a much larger scale. Immediately one of the person giving the demo appeared inside the world (as viewed from the other persons device). In the world the players can utilize traditional Minecraft game mechanics such as building, interacting with levers, and combat players of the series know and love.

If you are interested in signing up for a chance at playing the closed beta of Minecraft Earth, head on over to the Mojang website. Signing up for the game will net you free skins for Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock. To play in the closed beta, you’ll need a mobile device that runs at least Android 7 or iOS 10

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